More C# Elvis impersonators

Posted Fri, Dec 9 2005 10:12 by bill

I often joke with friends about the Elvis impersonators in regards to C#.  Why? Well because C# was marketed much to its original code name of "Cool", the new cool language.  And if you are a crappy programmer all the better. You could walk away from any previous code, and "pretend" to be cool. Sadly for C# this has meant it has attracted probably the worse of all programmers to it. 

What's even funnier, is these are also often the loudest anti VB advocates.  You can imagine I've encountered many of them over the years, and time after time they were just espoulting their own ignorance.  Time after time they in fact did not know what they were talking about.  And sure enough, here's the latest rendition...

Unbelievable huh ?   The "code monkey" tests code performance inline in one method based on ONE iteration.  I mean seriously, the guy obviously has no clue.  No self respecting developer/programmer would ever do that.  Oh but that's not the cruncher.  The real cruncher comes when he shows how cool he is and reads the IL.. or NOT.  No seems blunder brain can't tell the difference between managed code and unmanaged code.  Unbelievable.  Get this.. he claims "calling into old VB6 libraries using COM Interop".  As Cory says, what a load of crap.  The guy is totally clueless.

But wait.. it gets even better.  Next another C# elvis wannabe impersonator quotes the "code monkey" as his source of proof.  yep that'd be the evlis's jumping out of the plane together without a parachute.  Talk about lemming syndrome.

Of course not ALL C# developers are like these two bozos.  But many are.  And what's worse is they have blogs, but never listened to their mummas when told to think before they opened their mouths. Morons and Lemmings  .. <sigh>




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# re: More C# Elvis impersonators

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 12:53 AM by Michael K. Campbell

As long as I get to wear those killer shades... and chops - guess I'll need to grow some chops.