Channel 9 woes (and Bill Gates)

Posted Mon, Sep 12 2005 0:28 by bill

Robert Scobble posted a video of Bill Gates up on Channel 9.  This was really cool, as I was having a conversation about Bill Gates just the other day, about how much I love watching/listening to him talk.  The thing I love about Bill's talks is he talks about the future, the big picture.  He's always willing to talk about general direction and things that might be 10 years out or more.   Just about everyone else talks only about version now, version next or maybe version next ++, but generally they are focused on the current or upcoming product.  Bill on the other hand adds the continuity, the context that the rest seem to be missing smile

So why the woes, well the channel 9 site makes it damn hard to get that video.

first, they design the page such that it only renders correctly in IE *if* you allow activeX, otherwise you'll never see the download button.  Firefox renders the page fine.  The fix is probably simple such as explicitly sizing the DIV the video is in rather than implicitly letting it determine it's own size.

the next issue is the size of the download --> 240 MB +.  That's just ridiculous.  In case they haven't heard no we ALL don't have broadband.  it's making it accessible as much as telling anyone in a wheelchair they need to buy a stair climber robot rather than them provide ramps instead of stairs.  In case they haven't heard in many countries broadband just isn't available. Here recently the truth came out about how our infrastructure has been under funded by the tune of billions of dollars.  Just out of curiosity I compacted the video in movie maker, making it suitable for dialup.  The result... a mere 5 MB, easy enough for everyone to download and yet still clear enough to make out Bill's body language as he spoke.

Come on Robert, how about making these videos accessible to everyone ?

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