It was BIG !!

Posted Sun, Sep 11 2005 23:24 by bill

Well TechEd Oz was definitely BIG !! I had a great time, thanks Chuck and Frank and all the MS people that helped to put it together. I hope those who attended Nick and mine's session had a great time. I definitely appreciated all the positive feedback you guys gave I didn't get to as many sessions I wanted to, and some of them were things I already knew, but overall the session I did see where great.

The T-shirt count was down on previous years unfortunately. Some of the sponsors had those cool soft Frisbees (was that Citrix ?). To you exhibitors/sponsors --> All I can say folks is you missed out on a lot of free advertising The Microsoft crew did have some shirts for me though (thanks guys) so look for me advertising their wares at a location near you

Apart from TechED, I took the opportunity to do some driving around the east coast of this BIG country. Saw lots of BIG beaches, beautiful country side, and some other BIG things like the BIG banana, the BIG avocado etc ... (only in queensland huh ?) Still, one of the nicest things about seeing all that beautiful country side was getting home and seeing one of the orchards was in full bloom, a sea of white blossoms against such a lovely green countryside

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