F'ing LIARS !!

Posted Mon, May 16 2005 16:35 by bill


This (and here) just really pisses me off.  How the f' does anyone claim killing  more than 400 minke whales a year is for scientific research ?? F'ing lying pieces of shit.  They could at least have the honesty, the courage, the decency to say it was for a cultural heritage thing, but to friggin lie cause they are so embarrassed over what they do is just sick, despicable.



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Wednesday, May 18, 2005 3:02 PM by bill

Bill, I completely agree.

They won't be content until they eat the f'cking lot. I was incensed that after all the publicity and general public opinion that it unjustfiable, they carry on as usual.

# re: F'ing LIARS !!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005 3:08 PM by bill

Hey Mitch,

Although I'm against the killing whales for food, I do understand that in many apsects these things are cultural. For example, to some killing of cows is sacrilidge. So I think those things need to be sorted otu with a bit of tolerance for difference cultures.. BUT you can't do that if one party is continually F***ING LYING !! And that's waht really pisses me off. Claimign it's for scientific research just reminds me of those sicko "scientists" experimenting on humans during the Hitler years. It's friggin peverse, and the scientific community deserves better than to be associted with such f'ing crackpot lying a'holes...

(hmmm.... looks like I'm still pissed off over this )