? is for snippets

Posted Mon, May 16 2005 15:52 by bill

hopefully y'all seen snippets in VB.NET 2005 by now.   In Vb you can get to snippets via the context menu in the code editor, but the easiest way is to type:


? + TAB


Just hit the ? key then  the TAB key and the snippet list will appear inline for you.  I think of it as ? is for help in writing the code such as expanding a property declaration. 


Also, if you know part of the shortcut for the snippet (eg prop or vbprop) you can type part of it, ? and TAB to get a filtered list.  eg: vb? +TAB will only show items who's shortcut starts with vb.  If you are sure of the snippet shortcut, then type the whole name, eg vbprop and hit tab that snippet will be inserted for you


So remember ? and TAB if you want to see the snippet list smile


Oh, and don't forget to try out the free snippet editor on the gotdotnet workspaces !


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