Hate mail

Posted Sun, May 15 2005 16:07 by bill


I think I got my first hate mail today    it was cleverly disguised as SPAM.   Even ended up in my spam folder.  it said "loose those large legs"


I couldn't believe it.  I mean what had I ever done to them.  I didn't even know this person and here they are threatening me, too loose my legs !!  it's obvious they know me, know that I'm a tall guy so I have large legs.  Immediately thoughts of them chopping my legs off with an axe, or maybe a chainsaw... no wait maybe they'd tie me to the railway tracks so as a train cuts my legs off... Oh dear....

And i just don't understand why.  Sure I believe that we should bring back the stockades for spammers, put them in the village square and let all the villagers throw rotten tomatoes at them, but surely that doesn't warrant chopping my legs off.


Of course I always believe the best defence is a strong offence, and considering it is firewood season, time to sharpen up my ol' trusty axe and chainsaw.  So if you see any legless spammers, rest assured knowing I got them before they got me.. after all it is self defence




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