Quick Console == False Advertising

Posted Sun, May 15 2005 12:43 by bill

Mitch runs some tests on Quick Console.  Obviously the "Quick" is misleading.  With honesty in marketing (as if) and product naming, it probably should be called "Slow Console".. somehow I don't think marketing would like that   Maybe it should jsut be called "IDE Console Window" ... Hmm ... well something other than "Quick"


BTW: I was surprised when Micth found it to only be 3x as slow as an ordinary console window.  I remember trying it on an earlier beta and it just sucked.  Is 3x different that apparent ? I don't know but when I last looked at it I would have say ball park figure of 10X slower.  Then again these things can be funny on VPC sometimes.


As to it's purpose, well I think it's designed to be much like the output window and hence you could refer to the output after you have finished your run.