Pocket PC 2003 and VS.NET 2003

Posted Mon, Jan 24 2005 15:23 by bill

Thanks to a fellow MVP Phil Webster I inherited his PPC 2003 upgrade for the ViewSonic V37 when his Viewsonic met with an untimely death.  I had been trying to get my hands on this some time ago, but when it was available to the rest of the world, Viewsonic wouldn't ship it to Australia, and Viewsonic Australia wouldn't supply it !  Then the item disappeared from the web sites altogether.  (BTW: sadly it seems ViewSonic Australia views the Australian market as one to keep way behind the rest and to dump only old products on.  For example they still only list the V35 on their product page here )


Anyway, my V37 which I originally got thanks to Chuck is finally upgraded !! :)  Thanks Phil !!!!


The next step of course was to code to it.  Well for VS.NET 2003 you need to install the SDK for Windows Mobile 2003-based Pocket PCs 

Nick Randolph helped me locate the right download on MSDN, then I found it on the MSND DVD's on the grey SDK disc of course.  disc 2426.


Finally I had to run as admin for a second to fix what appeared to be a firewall issue, although it may also have been an activesync install needed to run as admin to finish.  Anyway there was a firewall message to allow VS.NET, and i did, and all works happily. 



Thanks everyone.  (btw: yes I do feel incredibly out of date working on 2003 stuff in 2005 ;))