Got any VB body art ?

Posted Tue, Jan 11 2005 11:06 by bill

Ah, it's the new year proper now.  Often hard to get motivated the first week in the year, especially here where it's summer ... those lazy hot summer days ... plus all the seasonal festivities of friends, family, fun and feasting.. seems such a shame we only do it once a year

I think the motivation, the inspiration starts kicking in as we finish looking at the year that was and start of focus on all the good things to achieve this year  

Sometimes though it's a bit hard to get started and positive distractions can actually be a good thing, help shake you up a bit and help you see the big picture...  So, while thinking of "pictures", Paul is having a bit of trouble get inspired at present..  So maybe we can all help ?  Maybe if we send him pictures of body art with a VB flavour, that should get him going and blogging again 

Or maybe if I promise Paul NOT to send him pictures of my VB body art ....