ASP.NET masterpages and themes ?

Posted Sat, Jan 8 2005 11:41 by bill

By way of Chuck , I see the ASP.NET team is wanting to know what people would like in their master page templates.

As I seem to always be telling folks at MS, make it flexible, extensible  (oh, and make it optional). 

I think it has to be flexible enough that I can go back and change my mind without having to start from scratch.  One thing I have always loved about frontpage or publisher, is the ability to change colour schemes & layouts while preserving the content. It's a great way of sampling.

Extensibility is also important here. I would like there to be a mini master page template SDK   so as I could easily modify templates and create new ones.  I would also like this "themeing" to tie into some of the portal concepts and user based custom themes.

Of course, a lot of this screams out "wizard", but for those hard core html coders out there, it should be easy to apply these things without using the wizard.  That is, the wizards should be viewed as being optional.

So... flexible, extensible and optional ...



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