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Posted Thu, Jan 6 2005 23:29 by bill

If you are trying to install Visual Studio .NET into Virtual PC, you'll find VPC has troubles with the DVD's.  Some folks copy the DVD's to their hard drives, but you can simply mount the DVD into an empty NTFS folder then just install from there.

Step by step instructions :

 - insert the DVD

- run Computer Management.  If you are running as admin you can probably just right click on your MyComputer icon and select Manage.  But if you are running as Admin and don't know how to do this, you really should not be running as Admin... you are part of the problem, not the cure   If you are a good person who is not running as Admin, just open up explorer using RunAs, run it with administrative rights, and *then* open computer management by right clicking on the MyComputer icon and selecting Manage.

- in Computer Management, select Disk Management. Then in Disk Management, right click on your DVD, and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths...".   Next click Add then Mount your DVD in an empty NTFS folder. (note: this does not copy the content, rather it creates a kind of alias for the DVD drive)

- Finally, in VPC, do NOT use the DVD drive, rather use a shared folder that is the NTFS folder you used in the previous step.  You can now happily install from the DVD without the need to copy it over to your hard drive....


Happy Beta testing


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