Off with the fairies

Posted Sat, Dec 11 2004 9:28 by bill

Friday 6:30 PM (last night) I decided to take it to go see the sunset.  12 apostles seems like a nice place.  So we set off and took the scenic route .. that’s the windy road through the hills of course .

Arrive at the 12 apostles after a quick visit to the blow hole, in plenty of time for sunset  

The sunset itself was not spectacular  but the vista none the less surely was.  The weather was warm,  (~ 20 C), but the sky was cloudy with an approaching summer storm. The rain too was warm, the kind that just makes you want to bare your face to it and taste it.. and yes it was salty.  The distant sky lit up with both bolt and sheet lightning.  Spectacular .

It’s moments like those I am glad I don’t have a camera.  It would be too tempting to try to capture just the image, which would never truly relay the sensation.  And too it might be too tempting to look at the picture instead of actually being there.  Going there .. well there simply is no substitute.. and just about every time you do, it’s always different, still spectacular

Oh, and the fairies… well as I looked down from the cliffs towards the beech, there was a bunch (herd/flock ?) of fairy penguins playing in the wash.  As I observe more and more it occurs to me that they aren’t actually playing though, it’s more like it’s a huge effort for them to get onto the beech.  It’s not like they are fast on their feet, so they are really at the mercy of the waves to wash them in, and not drag them straight out again.  No wonder they just stand there once they do manage to get onto firm sand.

And of course the geek in me really had to wonder why anyone in their right mind would choose them as the mascot for an operating system ? 

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