Intelligent agents for blogs?

Posted Mon, Jul 5 2004 3:43 by bill

When the Express versions of .NET 2005 hit the web, the blogs ran wild. Phil Weber called them cyclic redundancy.
But would we expect a newspaper not to publish a news story because another paper had? No we wouldn’t as that would presume that readers had read the other paper. News is news, and blogs often play an important role in spreading of news. In ways they have become the local paper.  But they have reached close to critical mass.

Robert Scobble the guy who reads blog after blog after blog, recently said it seems there is getting too many blogs. has hundreds of posts a day, and it really is getting hard to read them all. So do we blame blogs or the tools we use to read them ?

I think it’s the tools.

For an example, look at, there you see various news services entries grouped in an easy to read summary based on the content. It is a simple intelligent agent.

For blogs, if  Phil’s reader grouped blogs by content, he would have just had one entry for .NET Express versions being released, and he could have expanded that entry to see brief synopsis of blogs by different people who posted about that event. Then he could have chosen which one or ones to read.

Blogging is fortunately and unfortunately growing at a rapid pace. Soon I will unsubscribe to and instead just keep a list of bloggers I want to read. That is today, the numbers are too high for the tools, and a voice easily gets lost in the noise of so many posts. That’s the unfortunate part. Long term though with smart Bayesian filters, intelligent agents, blogging can be an important source for news, an independent news like never seen before.  It’s **tool time** !


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