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Office Web Apps Server: How to deploy, manage and integrate with Exchange Server 2013
Good morning folks! In Today’s post we will summarize all our posts around Office Web Apps Server that were created in the last few days. Office Web Apps Server will help organizations to centralize all the load related to office web viewers in...
Office Web Apps Server: Integrating with Exchange Server 2013
Buenos tardes hermanos (Yeah, we are all sad that Brazil won the game last night playing at the Bombonera!) In Today’s post we going over the last step of the Office Web Apps Server which is the integration with Exchange Server 2013 (we will work on the...
Office Web Apps Server – Configuring the server
Hola Hermanos! strike is over and the life goes on in the heart of Argentina’s capital) In Today’s post we are going over the steps to configure the Office Web Apps Server and the configuration has no GUI, everything is done at PowerShell level however...
Office Web Apps Server – Configuring Certificates
Buenos días hermanos (Live from Buenos Aires Today even with the Transit Public strike over here ) In Today’s post we are going to continue our journey to configure Office Web Apps Server towards the integration with Lync and Exchange Server 2013. Last...
Office Web Apps Server – Installing on Windows Server 2012
Hola che Hermanos (live from Argentina this week) This week we are going to go over the new kid on the block which is the Office Web Apps on Windows Server 2012. Using this server on-premises we can have browser-based view of Office documents, such as...