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How to configure Send As permission in a Distribution Group

Hi folks,

In Today’s post we are going over the process to allow a user to send message as a Distribution Group in Exchange Server 2010.

The first step is to find out which group we will be assigning the permission and it can be easily done through Get-DistributionGroup name* and using wildcard it’s easy to narrow down the results to get just the name that we are looking for.

Now, that we have the name we just need to assign the permission using the following cmdlet

Add-ADPermission<Group-Name> -ExtendedRights Send-as –User “DOMAIN\Username”


Time to do some testing.. Let’s open a new session in Outlook Web App and then create a new message, let’s click on Options and select the option Show From


Now we will have the From field available on the new message, click on it, and click on Other e-mail address.


In the new page select the group that we have just assigned the permission and click okay, in the new message page the results will be similar to the one shown below.


The results for the end-user can be seen on the figure below, where the user who received the message has the information that the message was sent by the group.


If you are using Outlook for testing, don’t worry, just click on Options and them select From button and you will be able to do the same testing.


Anderson Patricio (Portuguese)
Twitter: @apatricio

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Robert said:

Our small company goes one step further and allows anyone in a DL to send from the DL (typically to an external customer)

So we make it:

Add-ADPermission<Group-Name> -ExtendedRights Send-as –User “DOMAIN\Group-Name”

# April 23, 2012 8:26 AM

Anderson Patricio said:

Hi Roberto,

That was cool, I will add a comment on the blog itself mentioned your post to help others.

Thank you! I really appreciate that.



# April 23, 2012 10:10 PM
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