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Scheduling Background Jobs in Windows PowerShell 3.0

Hi Folks,

The PowerShell team explains a nice new feature of PowerShell 3.0 which allows the management of Jobs using PowerShell.

One of the most common phone calls that the support team gets for Windows PowerShell is "How do I use Task Scheduler to schedule Windows PowerShell scripts?". As an administrator, you need to have full control over when scripts run in your environment. Perhaps you need run a script only during a one-off maintenance window or maybe you want to schedule some routine maintenance on a server so that it runs at non-peak times. Although it was possible to use Task Scheduler to invoke scripts in Windows PowerShell 2.0, it was not trivial. What's more, you were responsible for writing code to store the detailed results of your script if you wanted to view them later.

Read more at source:

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