Review: Microsoft AntiSpyware

Published Sun, Jul 2 2006 13:52

PROS - Easy to download, install. Removes and cleans all kinds of spywares
CONS - The product will expire after certain time

Actually, I was fed up with lot of third party firewalls. They didn't removed all spywares from my system thus causing lot of problems. PopUpwindows will frequently appear thus disturbing work. It was at this time Microsoft released its antispyware tool and I must say that this tool really rocks. It instantly removed all spywares (around 30) from my system within 15 minutes. Moreover, you can schedule the tool to run during specific time every day. The tool will perform an automatic update whenever it detects new definition of spyware. I highly recommned this tool to everybody and I hope that this will be a number one product and will surely beat others in spyware tools marketplace.

Even though the product is now expired and available as Windows Defender, I still use the product which I installed one year back and it checks each and every spywares.

by anandn


# laxmi said on Monday, July 03, 2006 5:21 PM

NOTHING will beat spybot. not even mIcroShIt.

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