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A Couple Quick Active Directory One-Liners
Here is a few one-liner commands to help get info on your Active Directory environment.  I don’t think there is any mind blowing commands here but they’ve helped me out.  There are literally hundreds of these around the web as well as PowerShell...
Using PowerShell to Resolve SIDs to Friendly Names
Time and time again I run into an issue that presents me with a SID which I need to resolve.  I’ve used a number of tools and scripts over the years to address this issue.  I think I have the best and easiest method for me to solve this issue...
Find and Disable Stale User Accounts
Stale user accounts can be a big problem…even more so when they are not disabled.  I’m a firm believer that if you have an account that is not being used it should be disabled.  However depending on the size of your Active Directory that can...
Is my Active Directory Backed Up?
There are a ton of methods to backup Active Directory.  I’m not going to get into each method with this post.  What I am going to do is share another little command that can be run to check to see if your Active Directory was backed up and when...
Initiate Replication across all Partitions and DCs
It seems I'm always trying to remember this little command and its about time I put here where I can always access it in the future.  This isn’t a new command but it is a nifty little one that will initiate replication across your environment...
Viewing your FSMO Role Holders Remotely
There are quite a few ways to view what your FSMO roles are.  You can use the GUI tools or even the following netdom command that I've shared in the past – netdom query fsmo However if you are working in a trusted multi-domain environment the...
Recycling Active Directory Trash with the AD Recycle Bin
Hopefully some of you have been playing with Server 2008 R2 while it has been in Beta . One of the features I’m looking forward to most is the AD Recycle Bin. Yes you heard me correct. We now have an easy method for restoring accidently deleted...
Active Directory Recycle Bin PowerShell Scripts
I just found out that there is an Active Directory PowerShell Blog run by Microsoft’s AD PowerShell team.  I gathered that info from reading up on Jason’s post .  Its amazing how much info you can get from reading other people’s blogs…now on...