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Idle Detect/Inactivity Timeout Tips page

I just created a tips page on Idle Detect/Inactivity Timeout.    Microsoft’s KB article on this topic is decent but doesn’t cover some of the real world issues we found. I also needed this page to be referenced by some new functionality in the...

Puzzling problem with Access’s built in Shell function

I was testing some code, which will be available in a few days as part of a new release of the Auto FE Updater, which uses the Access shell function to start the Auto FE Updater. I could hear the beep sound but I couldn’t see the customized form to display...
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Is Nothing

I’m working on some largish updates to the Auto FE Updater and I wanted to ensure that the new routine which logs errors would properly handle the situation if there were errors in the error logging routine.  A great deal of searching a dimly remembered...
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