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What screen resolution is the smallest Access developers use these days?

I’m working on some Access forms as part of the soon to be released Enterprise Edition of the Auto FE Updater.  (After all Access is far better than Visual Basic 6 to display or update data in the tables.)   So what screen resolution do...
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Puzzling problem with Access’s built in Shell function

I was testing some code, which will be available in a few days as part of a new release of the Auto FE Updater, which uses the Access shell function to start the Auto FE Updater. I could hear the beep sound but I couldn’t see the customized form to display...
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A new version of the Auto FE Updater is available

A new version of the Auto FE Updater is available at my new, somewhat reorganized website Added FileExtension and FileExtensionSimple to the StartMethod.   This now means the utility can be used for ADP/ADEs or...
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