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Steps to think about when doing a data MDB back up, compact or zip.

I have a button on my Granite Fleet Manager app which allows the user to do a backup of the backend data MDB. I also have two other buttons which zip and email the backend data MDB to either themselves for backup purposes or to me for support purposes...
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A ten year old backup came in handy today

I got volunteered into building a volunteer database for the 1997 Alberta Summer Games. (I later made some money off of the database later so my hundreds of hours did turn out to be somewhat profitable. But as I'm halfway through building the database...
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Making copies of your database during the working day

The following question came up as part of a newsgroup thread. When you say "make a copy every hour or two", do you really mean that your normal practice during development is to retain multiple separate copies saved at 2-hourly intervals rather...
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