Time To Abolish Software Patents? Hell yes!

SlashDot has an interesting article Time To Abolish Software Patents?.  I completely agree with this.   Many of the patents, well those you read about, are exceedingly simplistic, stupid and rather obvious.  And they've been done before.  The system is being totally abused by lawyers and thugs.

I've been following some of the idiocy at the Patent Troll Trackers blog.

There is very little that is truly innovative in software.  Incremental sure.   Interesting sure.  Truly innovative?  I think not.

"ESP Estimates Software Patent Litigation Costs U.S. Companies Spend $30.4 Billion* Annually"  Foul-smelling bovine byproduct.  The only people who make money are the frigging lawyers.  And that's enough of a reason to me.

Copyright?  That should be enforced. 

Published Fri, Feb 29 2008 20:38 by Tony
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