A tip on searching Google

I was doing a search on PDFCreator and "Microsoft Access".  Google was being helpful by asking "Did you mean: "PDF Creator" "microsoft access"  ".   I can live with that.  

However Google was then showing me all kinds of hits with PDF Creator.    Which I did not want.  Hello Google!!!!   That's very annoying behavior.

The key though is to put quotes around the word PDFCreator.  So now my search term is "PDFCreator" "microsoft access".   And that gave me the results that were slightly more useful. 

But only slightly more useful.  Google searching is getting fairly useless these days when it comes to searching for obscure problems especially now that Google is indexing NNTP newsgroups as forums in their Web search.  Way too many useless hits.  But I still use Google.  <sigh>

Still way too many hits from those web sites featuring NNTP forums and Google ads.  Thus Google is making money of my 33,708 postings (at this moment in time) from *rsehole web forum sites.   I'm sure Google is in no hurry to fix this problem that is making them money but upsetting the folks who use their search engine.

Published Sat, Dec 29 2007 17:40 by Tony
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# re: A tip on searching Google

Hi Tony,  

THis was helpful. BTW have youe been able to print from Access using PDFCreator? If so what is the VBA code and what do you reference?



Sunday, January 06, 2008 11:22 PM by John Dumay

# re: A tip on searching Google

Yes, you can. There are some very interesting things you can do programmatically from within PDFCreator.  Such as merging multiple print files into one PDF.  I'm just waiting for a fellow MVP to polish up some code which will be posted on either his or my website.  I'll create a new blog entry when it's available.

Basically though just look in the \Program Files\PDFCreator\Scripts for some ideas.  You'll need to make some adjustments for VBA of course.

Monday, January 07, 2008 12:45 AM by Tony

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